SEG – Silicone Edge Graphics

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What is SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)?

SEG is a high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone strip (or welt/gasket). The silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic, and the strip is then inserted into a frame with a recessed groove. The size of the graphic must be precise so the fabric is taut when installed in the frame. The result is a large format graphic that mimics the old fashioned hard panel graphics commonly found on custom displays and interior spaces.

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What are the benefits of SEG?

  • Storage. Fabric is lighter than many other graphics. When folded neatly, fabric graphics take up much less space than traditional
    panel graphics.
  • Weight. Reduced weight = reduced shipping, drayage & handling costs.
  • Labor. Installing and changes can be done in minutes!
  • Care. Fabric graphics can be washed and steamed and are just as durable and long lasting as traditional graphics.
  • Versatility. SEG fabric can be applied to most displays or event structures.
  • LED’s. The SEG and thin frames can be backlit with mini LED’s!.

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Wall Installation Video   Ask how we can retrofit your exhibit to save with SEG!


Why customers love SEG graphics:

1. Tight as a drum, light-weight, dye-sublimated fabric graphics replace hard panel graphics in their custom displays.
2. Highest quality look.
3. Neatly finished corners.
4. More visible graphic, less frame.
5. Pull tabs applied for easy material removal from frame.
6. Quick install and even faster break down.
7. Reduced storage, drayage, and shipping costs with fabric graphics.


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